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Directed by: Fenlon Lamb

Music by: George bizet

Libretto by: L. Halévy & H. Meilhac

Original Production

March 2019 - Annapolis Opera 

Additional Production dates

July 2019 - Bar Har Music Festival 

January 2021 - Pensacola Opera 



Jefferson Ridenour - Set Designer

Kristopher Kirkwood - Projection Designer

Michael Klima - Lighting Designer

Lorraine Vom Saal - Costumer Designer

Maureen Thomas - BH Costumes

Brian B Moore - BH Lighting

Glenn Breed - PO Costumes

Barry Steele - PO Lighting


Robert Wood - Conductor 

Cassandra Zoe Velasco - Carmen 

Frederick Ballentine - Don José 

Richard Ollarsaba - Escamillo 

Shannon Jennings - Micäela 


"Director Fenlon Lamb built a beautiful world for this story and guided the audience through this journey without beating them down with sadness."

-Elle Marie Sullivan, MD Theatre Guide

"There was a moment in the first act of Annapolis Opera’s Carmen in which Director Fenlon Lamb assembled her cast in a colorful tableau that enthralled me and impressed itself on my mind. This Carmen brought to mind one of its songs’ lyrics: “Love…when you are not looking for it, there it is.”

"Lamb’s memorable tableau was enhanced by superior lighting work, which brightened the colors, especially the cheery colors in the Plaza de Toros scene. The set, in proscenium, gave the illusion of depth and featured scenery wagons, which gave life to various scenes depicting 1820s Seville, Spain, including a cigarette factory and a jail."

-William Powell, DC Metro Theatre Arts

"Her [Fenlon Lamb] direction here was filled with dramatic action — goodness the fight scenes! And her Papermoon creative staff transformed the rather shallow Criterion stage into a proper opera venue. Jeffery Ridenour’s ingenious, hand-painted Tarot-themed set design created the illusion of depth with great sheets of patterned paper. Maureen Thomas pulled off an unbelievable transformation of paper into intricately embroidered and ruffled costumes. I say unbelievable because nobody in my party believed they were largely paper-made."

-Nan Lincoln, Mount Desert Islander




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