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Florencia en el Amazonas

Directed by: Chía Patiño

Music by: Daniel Catán

Libretto by: Marcela Fuentes-Berain

Original Production

March 2022 - Ópera de Tenerife



Pedro Halffter - Conductor

Izmir Ickbal - Scenic Desginer

Felype de Lima - Costume Designer

Erin Earle Fleming - Lighting Designer

Alejandra Prieto - Puppet Designer and Director


Sandra López - Florencia Grimaldi

Lina Mendes - Rosalba

Airam Hernández - Arcadio

José Julián Frontal - Álvaro

Àngel Òdena - Riolobo

Adriana Zabala - Paula

Alejandro López - Capitán

Director's Note

With Florencia in the Amazon, Ópera de Tenerife introduces Latin American compositions. This opera is programmed for the first time in Spain, after an extensive tour of the opera houses of Latin America and only two presences in Europe (Germany and Switzerland). The creation of Mexican Daniel Catán, with a libretto by Marcela Fuentes-Berain, premiered in 1996 and tells of different ways of living love through a boat trip through the Amazon.


"Patiño wanted to bring magical moments from reality onto the stage and focus on the situation of people, and in doing so she also managed to portray the mutual influence of man and nature...You can feel a lot of the magical realism that the libretto reveals and even more of the magic in Catán's music, which has an incredible wealth of colors and a fine melodic structure, always reminiscent of Puccini and Debussy."

-Klaus Billand




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