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Directed by: Fenlon Lamb

Music by: Daniel Schnyder

Libretto by: Bridgette A. Wimberly

Original Production

November 2018 - Fenlon Lamb



Greg Hirsch - Lighting Designer

CeCe Stickler - Costume Designer

Mark Halpin - Scenic Designer

Greg Emetaz - Projection Designer

Tim Trumble - Photographer

Du'Bois A'Keen - Choreographer


Clinton Smith - Conductor

Joshua Stewart/Martin Bakari - Charlie Parker

Karen Slack - Addie Parker

Sidney Outlaw - Dizzy Gillespie

Cadie J. Bryan - Chan Parker

Stephanie Sánchez - Baroness Nica

Kaitlyn Sabrowsky - Doris Parker

Chrystal E. Williams - Rebecca Parker

Director's Note

A journey through the mind of a great jazz legend, Charlie Parker’s Yardbird delves into the personal purgatory of the great American saxophonist. Told through a series of interconnected scenes following his death, Parker attempts to compose his final masterpiece while examining the demons that propelled his genius. Swiftly paced and pulsing with energy, this journey into the mind of a legend will captivate you from its first, blue notes to its final rest.


""...director Lamb created memorable characters... if Lamb intended to show their commonality as well as their beauty, {she} succeeded."

“Charlie Parker’s Yardbird” definitely deserves to be heard more than once...This work is a fascinating excursion into the possibilities of opera as a living, breathing art."

-Maria Nockin, Operawire




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