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Music by: Héctor Armienta

Libretto by: Héctor Armienta

Duration: 1 hour45 mins

Commissioned by: Ft. Worth Opera, Opera Southwest, Ópera Cultura

Premiere: Ft. Worth Opera, October, 2022


A fading empire clings to power and the oppressed and destitute dream of freedom.

One man will lead them - Zorro!



Diego de La Vega (Leading); Early thirties. Criollo (Spanish blood but born in New Spain/the Americas.) In search of his purpose and his destiny. Heir to the de La Vega estate, which is situated close el pueblo Reina de los ´Angeles - Lyric Tenor

Ana Maria Soza (Leading); Early thirties; A mestiza and grandaughter to Toypurina. Revolutionary spirit, who is determined to help the poor and her people - Lyric Soprano

Octavio Rivera y Moncada (Feature); Thirties, Peninsular ( Born in Spain but lives in the Americas); Géneral and Alcalde ( Mayor) of Los ´Angeles. Believes in Spanish supremacy and Spanish imperialism - Verdi Baritone

Carlotta de Obragón (Leading); Late thirties; Born and raised in Sevilla Spain. Daughter of the Governor of alta California. Now living in Los Ángeles. Was once romantically involved with Diego in Sevilla. Wealthy, feels entitled, and secretly still harbors feelings for Diego - Mezzo-soprano

Sergeant José Maria Gomez (Supporting); Forties; Moncada’s aide, but desperately unhappy. Seeking love - Baritone

Luisa (Supporting); Late twenties; Servant at the Vega Estate. Not content as a servant and seeking love - Coloratura Soprano

Toypurina (Solo bit); Late fifties; Tongva Native American. As a youth, led the revolt against the mission in San Gabriel. Now, she serves as the caretaker of the Vega Estate. She was once Diego’s nanny - Mezzo Soprano

Chorus - (Including Zazueta, Margarita, soldiers, townspeople, the poor)


Flute 1

​Oboe 1

Clarinet in Bb -1

Clarinet in Bb - 2 ( doubles on bass clarinet)

Bassoon 1

Trumpet in C

Horn in F1

Horn in F2



Percussion ( triangle, glockenspiel, chimes, cymbals, toms, bass drum)

Strings (6,6,6,4,2)


Project Statement

The work is set in the early 1800's, when there was great political upheaval in Spain and México. Inspired by true events in history and based on the pulp fiction character Zorro, a young man returns from Spain to the place of his birth -el pueblo de Los Ángeles. It is there, he will find his destiny and be reunited with a young mestiza he was once forbidden to love.




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